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The company offers cooling compartments in the food industry

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By working with projection firms and investors, our company offers free technical consulting to meet the investment objectives in the food industry.


Design / Planning

Each investment is prepared in advance, by setting the details, the need for materials on the types of dimensions. Thus the delivery terms of the materials are strictly observed and the execution deadlines do not suffer any delays.

Based on an experience of 18 years, accumulated in the field, the company's activity consists of:


The contracted works are executed by teams with specialists equipped with the latest mechanism of mechanization, which allows a productivity of over 1000 sqm / week. Our field of activity does not require the use of the test lab, since it assembles materials and prefabricated products that have a Certificate of Quality and Declaration of Conformity attested by the manufacturer, maintaining technical and functional characteristics during implementation. The facilities offered by our company are: experience accumulated in the field of the specialized personnel the ability to solve the problems that arise during the execution and the exploitation starting from the technological design to the smallest detail; strict adherence to the execution deadlines.